Chance The Rapper Calls Spike Lee A “Fraud”

After being called a “fraud,” Chance The Rapper decided to call out Spike Lee today on twitter, saying he has audio of him beginning Chance to be in the new film “Chiraq.” Late last week, director Spike Lee was in Chicago at Northwestern University where he hosted a screening & Q&A for his new independent film “Chiraq.” Well during his time with the students, Spike decided to brush people the wrong way when he... Read More

Spike Lee Broke Out His “Oscars” Air Jordan VIs

Spike Lee broke out his “Oscars” Air Jordan VIs. Spike Lee got lucky (or maybe knew ahead of time) that the New York Knicks would be playing a home game on the same night as the 88th Annual Academy Awards, which he had previously pledged to boycott. The talented director and famed Knicks fan followed through on his promise, attending the Knicks game and not the Oscars. That’s not to say he didn’t give a little nod to the occasion,... Read More

Spike Lee Wants Music Submissions From Unsigned Rappers

Spike Lee wants to include your music in his new Kickstarter Joint – DA SWEET BLOOD OF JESUS. We are now accepting submissions for ONLY R&B and Rap songs by Independent/Unsigned Artists. The music is inconsequential to the subject matter of the film. You can send in your music to We are ONLY accepting mp3 files. NO SAMPLES.... Read More

Spike Lee Reaches $1 Million Dollars For His Kickstarter Campaign

While people was criticizing Spike Lee, his three-week-old fundraising was creating history for the new world of movie directors. His effort has hit the $1 million mark on Kickstarter. As of 7 a.m. PDT, Lee’s campaign had received $1,000,605 from 4,503 pledges — about 80% of the $1.25 million goal for a new film that’s known for now as “The Newest Hottest Spike Lee Joint.” He took to Facebook to mention: “BOOM SHAKA LACKA. People... Read More

Spike Lee Defends Kickstarter Campaign (Video)

This past week or so, it’s been all about Spike Lee doin’ work. The filmmaker launched a Kickstarter campaign for his next film last week, and faced immediate support and criticism for his efforts to crowdsource $1.25 million dollars, but he’s been pushing forward with the enthusiasm he’s known for. He’s received high profile support and funds fromSteven Soderbergh, dropped his list of Essential Films that he... Read More

Michael Jackson: Bad 25 (Trailer)

Spike Lee brings us a documentary celebrating the 25th anniversary of MJ’s 1987 solo album airs Thanksgiving – also known as one of the two days nobody bothers to send us music (let’s keep that trend going, please) – night on ABC. I definitely know what I’ll be watching that evening.      Read More

Spike Lee’s Red Hook Summer Film 2012

It’s red and it pops with color. It’s the new poster for Spike Lee’s upcoming drama, the 6th or 7th (depending on who’s counting) installment of his chronicles of Brooklyn series, “Red Hook Summer.”   Starring Clarke Peters, Nate Parker, Jules Brown, Thomas Jefferson Byrd, Toni Lysaith, James Ransone, De’Adre Azia and many more, “Red Hook Summer” tells the story of Flik Royale (Brown),... Read More