The Tanning Of America: Steve Stoute’s Interview With Jay-Z Pt. 1

So the GOD MC, Jay-Z sat down with Steve Stoute for The Tanning Of America, Stoute’s book. Stoute ask Hov a few question based on numbers of topics witch including Watch The Throne as well as the culture outside of the rap genre.  Read More

Nas celebrates his 38th birthday with the Jay-Z, Common,AZ, Steve Stoute and More

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Steve Stoute claims Jay-z would not reposnd to Weezy’s INFANTILE come back

Advertising wizard, author and former record exec Steve Stoute has been behind the scenes in support of some of music industry top selling albums, and has established a rapport with some of the top names in the game as a result. Never too far removed as an insider on the rap scene, Stoute was interviewed recently and offered some commentary regarding the ongoing and currently brewing feud between rap giants Lil Wayne and Jay-Z. Steve Stoute has... Read More