12yrs Old From Queens,Gabrielle Molina Commits Suicide After Months Of Bulling

The devastated parents of Gabrielle Molina said the 12-year-old girl had been tormented by schoolyard bullies for months — and the abuse may be the reason she hanged herself in her Queens home. The tragic tween’s older sister Georgia, 15, found the girl’s body about 2:30 p.m. Wednesday in their shared bedroom at their Queens Village house, their sobbing mother Glenda Molina said Thursday. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly confirmed Thursday that... Read More

Director Tony Scott Commit Jumping Off Bridge

As we previously reported, Scott jumped off the Vincent Thomas Bridge around 12:30 PM … his body was fished out of the water by the L.A. Port Police a short time later.  We’re told the bridge is roughly 200 feet above the water. Officials say Scott left a suicide note, but the details of the letter have not been released. Scott was 68 years old TMZ  Read More

Lupe Fiasco Says He Flirted With [rip] While Making 'Lasers'

In a new, wide-ranging interview, rapper Lupe Fiasco dug deeper than usual when revealing his inspirations and journey to complete his much-anticipated record ‘Lasers.’ Speaking to Details, Fiasco said that he fell into a deep depression after initially submitting his album to Atlantic Records two and a half years ago and getting rejected for not knowing “how to do what Kanye does.” He dealt with that sadness on a track... Read More

**WOWZERS** There's a Twitter Petition for Lil Kim to Commit Suicide

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21 YEARS OLD MAN JUMP OFF EMPIRE STATE BUILDING The 21-year-old is thought to have climbed over the barriers on the 86th floor of the New York landmark, and landed on the pavement outside a branch of Bank of America during rush hour. Police were forced close a block of West 34th Street around the building, as his body lay at the northwest corner of the 102-storey skyscraper. The observation deck was not busy at the time of the man’s death,... Read More

SUICIDE TO THE FATHER OF THE BOY WHO ACCUSED MICHAEL JACKSON OF MOLESTATION   The father of the boy who once accused Michael Jackson of molestation has committed suicide, authorities said today. Beverly Hills dentist Evan Chandler, 65, was found dead in Jersey City, NJ, in a luxury waterfront apartment. A Jersey City official said Chandler was found in bed with a single gunshot wound to his head. He was still holding the gun when the body was... Read More

DRINK CAFFEINE, GET LOCKED UP Connecticut, Utah, California and New York sent out letter to the FDA stating, why they consider such drinks dangerous.  Doctors and scientists who have conducted research on the subject, also join side with these states. Scientists  studies shown that stimulants such as caffeine mask the intoxicating effects of alcohol could lead to increased risk-taking and other alcohol-related problems such as violence, sexual... Read More