Lupe Fiasco Twitter Beef With Kid Cudi And Azealia Banks

Another day, another Twitter beef. Lupe Fiasco has been exchanging words on Twitter today with Kid Cudi over the comments Kendrick Lamar made in his Billboard interview. In response to Lamar’s comment that read “What happened to [Michael Brown] should’ve never happened. Never. But when we don’t have respect for ourselves, how do we expect them to respect us? It starts from within,” Cudi shared his own opinions on Twitter,... Read More

@MeekMill And @LouieVGutta Twitter Beef Gets Personal

First G-Unit make up, now Meek Mill and Louie V Gutta break up! Remember when Louie V had got robbed for his chain? Well Twitter war has gotten nasty and personal. The shots started flying when Louie V Gutta took to twitter to vent of some stream about his ex PNR (Partner In Rhymes) Meek Mill. Then things really got heated when Meek Mill fired back with a tweet that Louie V Gutta, which continued to get heated. “@LouieVGuttau a rat forreal... Read More

Hip hop Legend Lord Jamar Battles It Out With Marlon Wayans About Omar Epps Wearing A Skirt On The View

Brand Nubian legend Lord Jamar has been very vocal about what he considers the “femiization of the black man” in Hip Hop over the past couple years. Ever since Kanye came out on stage rocking a leather kilt on the Watch The Throne tour with Jay Z and A$AP Rocky came on B.E.T. wearing a leather skirt last year, Lord Jamar has been calling them out and letting them have it! So when Lord Jamar saw one of his favorite actors, Omar Epps, rocking the... Read More

50 Cent Admits His Twitter Beef With Floyd Mayweather was Fake

So the beef between 50 cent and Mayweatehr was fixed to get the internet on stand still. 50 cent admits that the twitter beef was an hoax: “I’m sick of all this nonsense Floyd asked me to act like were fighting cause no one was paying any attention after his 60 days,” Fif tweeted on Monday morning (November 5), referring to Mayweather’s three-month prison sentence that ended in August. “I know some the thing we do in... Read More

Lil Wanye Fires Back At Pusha T -“Fuk Pusha T and Anybody That Love em’

Remember not to long ago, Pusha told Drake ‘Dont Fuck With Me’?  Well  Push T is back releasing his single Exodus 23:1 that seems like he was throwing shots and Drake again .Beef is definitely served like steak, WELL DONE! But the Young Money General had enough. Lil Wanye tweeted a disrespectful comment throwing Shot back at Pusha T  Read More

Mike Dean Take Shots; Bun B ASAP Yam respond via twitter

Super producer Mike Dean take shots on twitter, ranting about “THESE FAKE ASS HOUSTON RAPPERS KNOCK OFF RAPPERS’  While Bun B and ASAP Yam respond back.  Read More

Girl arrested for brutally attack video on WSHH

After the video of a brutal attack was posted on the famous hip hop video site (WSHH), 19-year-old Ohio native, Tashay D. Edwards was arrested Monday (April 16) after assaulting another young girl over a “Twitter beef”. The video of the incident, filmed by Edwards’ friends, and the girls received internet fame instantly. With over 2 million views by the afternoon, the entire ordeal has been a trending topic on the social network. View... Read More

Twitter beef: Khia vs Diamond

female rapper,Khia attacks Diamond on twitter.    Read More

The Dream & The Weekend twitter beef

So The Dream is beefing with The Weekend?          Read More

Lil Kim Blast Nicki Minaj on Twitter!!

           Read More