Kim Kardashian plays role in Tyler Perry’s new film ‘MARRIAGE COUNSELOR’

Tyler Perry is at it again and this time his big screen shenanigans include a Kardashian! His next picture will be a remarkable number 13 when it comes to director, writer, and actor Tyler Perry and Lionsgate! The film is called The Marriage Counselor. Hmm. Is Madea in this one or not? I don’t know. But what I do know is you can keep up with Kim Kardashian by following the progress of this dramedy because K. is playing the main character’s... Read More

Tyler Perry Is The New Morgan Freeman?

Morgan Freeman’s film credits are endless. Two of his biggest films are 1997’s Kiss The Girls and 2001’s Along Came a Spider where the Oscar winner played detective-psychologist Alex Cross in the James Patterson created crime franchise. Now, word is out that Tyler Perry will be the new Alex Cross for the film I, Alex, Cross, which will be directed by Rob Cohen, who was behind The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.  Rumor has it Perry has... Read More

Janet Jackson Is Not Feeling Oprah

  Janet Jackson is mad at Oprah and she’s going to let her know it. Janet is furious for having her brother’s children on the show saying she only used them as “pawns” to get ratings. The two had a conversation before the show and Janet said that Oprah made her “sick”. Well, Janet has already planned her revenge, the two are both friends with Tyler Perry and apparenlty Tyler has been very candid with Janet about Oprah’s secrets... Read More