Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite Pro Low

Today we take a first detailed look at the upcoming Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite Pro Low. The Foamposite Pro has been much in the talks lately, especially with the Galaxy release, and the Foamposite treatment has already been successful on the Air Force 1 High. The low version just had to come eventually and here it is now for Fall/Winter 2012.  Read More

Kony 2012: We need him arrested!!

Grisly killings, abductions, and rapes allegedly committed by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in central Africa have garnered international attention following the release of a video highlighting abuses committed by the group and its leader, Joseph Kony.   The half-hour film (below) produced by Invisible Children follows a former child soldier named Jacob. The film issues a call for action, reportedly aiming to raise awareness... Read More

Robin Thicke Whitney Houston tribute (Shoop Shoop)

From dealing with the police last week to paying a tribute to Whitney Houston. Robin covered the 1995  hit record (Shoop Shoop) from the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack “This is my tribute to the great Whitney Houston,” he tweeted. “Sending my prayers to her family.” [audio:–Exhale-Shoop-Shoop.mp3|titles=Robin Thicke–Exhale (Shoop Shoop)]  Read More

M.I.A fine for performance at the 2012 Super bowl

MIA might be facing a fined, hundreds of thousands of dollars due to her middle-finger gesture at the 2012 Sunday’s Super Bowl. Under the terms of her contract, she may be held responsible for any fine levied by the United States’ Federal Communications Commission (FCC).      Read More

American promoter “Kidnap” over rapper Nas no-show concert

A promoter from the United States claims that he was kidnapped in Angola, Africa after a failed New Year’s Eve show that was supposed to feature Nas. reports that a promoter named Patrick Allocco from AllGood Entertainment, was working for a local concert promoter in Angola named Henrique “Riquhino” Miguel, who paid $315,000 for an appearance by Nas and Jemiah Jai. Nas and Jemiah Jai allegedly missed their flights to Angola, resulting... Read More

Young Jeezy speaks about Occupy Wall Street

“I would riot,” said Jeezy in an interview with, “because we gotta get the money out of Washington. This is real. When you got middle class people taking a stance—because we always took a stance by the way, we always stood in the middle of our projects, our ghetto, and took our stance and our stance was hustling, robbing, what have you, to survive. So now they don’t have those same options, so they gotta go march.” Jeezy... Read More

Truth about Michelle Obama pregnancy rumor

Every once in a while, stories start circulating that First Lady Michelle Obama is pregnant with her third child. It happened shortly after President Obama took office, and Thursday the rumor started circulating again. Scottsdale fans of the first family love the idea of the pitter-patter of little feet running around the White House again, but this is one bit of wishful thinking that isn’t happening. This time around, a site called Weekly... Read More

‘ I’ll Never Stand For The National Anthem Again’- Jesse Ventura

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura is so upset by the dismissal of his airport security lawsuit that he threatened Friday to apply for dual citizenship so he can spend more time in his beloved Mexico – or run for president of what he labeled “the Fascist States of America.” Ventura sued the federal government in January, alleging that airport scans and pat-downs amounted to unreasonable search and seizure. A district... Read More

Rumors of Singer Adele throat cancer, FALSE!!

Are rumours were rife on Twitter, following the development of the hashtag “#prayforadele”, Adele’s spokesperson has stated that rumours of the star having throat cancer are “100% false”. re rumours were rife on Twitter, following the development of the hashtag “#prayforadele”, Adele’s spokesperson has stated that rumours of the star having throat cancer are “100% false”. The ‘Someone... Read More

[VIDEO] Why They Killed Libya’s leader Gadaffi?

There has been many rumors base on the killing, “MURDER” of Libya’s leader Gadaffi. People across the globe deeply believe his death has been plotted over years, view this video below  Read More

Does Gay man + Lesbians + Military = America?

Gay men and lesbians in the military no longer have to hide who they are, and the service members who were discharged under this policy can re-enlist. This is one of the administration’s signature achievements. Countless Americans fought hard to end this law over the course of nearly two decades, and President Obama is proud to have signed the repeal. But today’s news isn’t just a policy promise kept — it’s a personal... Read More

Alexis Simpson lawyer say his client attack out of self defense

Attorney Michael Worthy says his client Alexis Simpson was alone in that room against multiple people during the incident that claimed the life of  Dominique Frazier. Frazier was stabbed to death Thursday night inside her on-campus dorm, police said. Her roommate, Simpson, is accused of attacking her after the two argued over music played from an iPod. In court Monday an uncle, George Simpson, called the incident a “hiccup” in the life... Read More

Charlamagne from 105.1Father Leroy McKelvey Arrested for defending himself by Jets fan

“He was attacked by four or five Jets fans for having a Dallas jersey on,” said McKelvey, who is a host of “The Breakfast Club” morning show on Power 105 as Charlamagne Tha God. A Marine at the end of the row noticed that McKelvey and three others in his party would not stand or take their hats off for the national anthem,” a law enforcement officer said. “So the Marine tells McKelvey he better not have to get out of the row cause... Read More

From hood to skater, Weezy is serious about this skateboarding thing

TMZ has learned, “the rapper is practicing his skateboard skills on the road, traveling around with his own personal skate ramp … in the back of an ESCALADE.” Sources close to the hip hop star says that he packs a “portable quarter pipe” into a trailer which follows his tour bus “24/7”. Wayne continues to practice his skating skills at all hours of the day and squeezes in training at “random places” whenever he has a... Read More

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