Alicia Keys VIBE magazine cover

  It’s probably not a coincidence that Alicia Keys and her husband, Kasseem “Swizz Beatz” Dean, are wearing matching pants. His: expertly tailored and trim, skimming his sneakers just so. Hers: a sexy waxed denim that hugs her in all the right places. Both are the color of a well-made cappuccino. They’ve agreed to be interviewed together over dinner, a double date of sorts. It’s one of those novel ideas cooked up by magazine editors,... Read More

Method Man mention Tyler the Creator

Method Man shocked the world with his recent Sour Patch Kids music video/commercial, “World Gone Sour.” Sure, die hard Wu fans had a lot to say but honestly the song is pretty good. I was recently blessed the opportunity to interview Mef about his upcoming projects. To my suprise, he named Tyler, the Creator as one of the producers who he really wants to work with. He doesn’t agree with the Odd Future x Wu-Tang comparisons but is a fan of... Read More

Jay-Z vs. Lil Wayne beef continues! by the way (Nice Watch)

According to Global Grind Jay-Z fires off a quick warning shot to Lil Wayne on J.Cole’s new track “Mr. Nice Watch.” After Lil Wayne dropped his Jay-Z diss record “I’m Good,” people have been waiting for Jay-Z to respond. Many critics and even Lil Wayne didn’t think Jay would even acknowledge the diss, but after telling someone that you’d kidnap their “bitch,”we guess they’d have... Read More

Jadakiss has no part of it & Lil Wayne is not expect Jay to respond

The internet  have been buzzing about Lil Wayne has responded to Jay-Z’s “subliminal” jab at Birdman on “H.A.M.” The song, “It’s Good” releasing  from Wayne’s upcoming Tha Carter IV, features Jadakiss and Drake, leaving fans wondering whether the other two emcees are also involved in the beef. He’s apparently pretty confident about the whole thing and doesn’t expect any kind of... Read More

So Vibe Magazine is Slandering Amber & Kim’s name for sales?

Apparently VIBE MAGAZINE has taken the whole “re-engage advertisers on what we represent today versus ten years ago” outta line. What about the individuals you want to feature on your magazine, shouldn’t you be displaying to the what you ‘represent’?? Making false allegations to possibly increase your PRINT sales is set for dooming the desire for any other celebs to accept being a feature as well as the  desire... Read More

Rose & Wiz Khalifa in Los Angeles showing off

Wiz and Amber Rose left a double date at Katsuya in Los Angeles holding hands. Amber Rose tweeted, “@RealWizKhalifa Aww baby I wanna kiss ur cute lil face Scruncher Muncher. Ur my King & I’m ur Queen sweetheart yum yum :-)” later adding, “Just had a awesome time with @RealWizKhalifa @spencerbfalls & @sarahgcarroll aww our Double Date was so cute u guys :-)” CONGRATS FOR HITTING  TRIPLE PLATINUM FOR “BLACK... Read More

Waka Flocka Flame On Nicki Minaj's Sex Appeal, "Everybody Was Trying To f**k Her"

Southern rapper Waka Flocka Flame recently reflected on his relationship with Young Money star Nicki Minaj while she was under his mother Debra Antney’s management over the past few years. Despite her overall sex appeal, Waka said Minaj’s determination would not allow her to get involved in intimate relationships. “She probably learned some sh*t off me and I learned a lot off her,” Waka explained in an interview. “We’ve... Read More

Bun B Wants Lil Wayne To "Leave All That Sh*t Inside The Hole He Just Crawled Out Of"

I’m just hoping that whatever demons were on him and following him when he went inside, I hope that he left those demons inside that h*ll hole,” Bun said in an interview. “Whatever it was he may have felt held him back or anything that may have kept him in situations he didn’t need to be in based on the person he is in this world. I hope whatever it is that was holding him back inside of him, leave all that sh*t inside... Read More

Nicki Minaj Stressed Out Over "Pink Friday" Sales

Young Money CEO Mack Maine has revealed that Nicki Minaj has begun worrying about the first-week sales of Pink Friday, as it is scheduled to release next month. According to Maine, Minaj has looked at labelmate Drake’s initial Thank Me Later sales as an example what her opening sales could equate to. “She was worrying about first week. She was like, ‘Drake sold [463,000]. What you think I’ma... Read More

Soulja Boy's Dad Warned Him About Drugs, "He Found A Little Sack In My Bedroom"

“My Dad was on me heavy about drugs,” remembers Soulja, slumped on a red two-seater couch, staring straight ahead at nothing in particular. “He found a little sack in my bedroom, but it wasn’t from drugs. They came from some earrings that I bought. He and my stepmother kept asking if I do drugs. So I finally just said, ‘Look, I rap. I’ma be a famous rapper. My name’s Soulja Boy.’ And started showing... Read More