OFFICIAL VIDEO: WYCLEF JEAN- “HOLD ON” FT MAVADO   Wyclef continues to “hold on” for his native country Haiti with his smash hit featuring reggea sensation Mavado. Haiti is the first independent country in the western hemisphere. Haiti is going through a major crisis due to a heavy impact by a earthquake, losing on 50,000 people. We as a human beings need to come together as one to help the world become a better place, let... Read More

GEORGE BUSH COMMENT ON HAITI DISASTER “JUST SEND YOUR CASH”   Why does this not make me feel any better? And now we’re going to get to see The Shrub as Molly Ivins nicknamed him on Meet the Press. Oh goodie. I don’t want to disparage the relief organizations being touted, but putting Bush out there to “make sure the money is spent wisely” is the last thing I want to hear. You and Cheney going to get Haliburton... Read More


Wyclef Jean posted a video statement on YouTube today to respond to accusations against his Yele Haiti Foundation, which has been collecting Haiti relief donations following Tuesday’s massive earthquake. A Washington Post article raised concerns about the Yele Foundation’s “fiscal scrutiny,” first reported by The Smoking Gun. Apparently Yele Haiti Foundation’s tax returns raised questions about how money has been spent... Read More

HAITIAN ARTIST DIES IN EARTHQUAKE Rapper Jimmy O, 35, visiting Haiti with Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti foundation, was found dead in a crushed car in downtown Port-au-Prince today. Wyclef mentioned on a CNN interview before departing to Haiti that Jimmy O, born Jean Alexandre, was missing and rumored dead: “I urge everyone who’s listening right now that knows how great this kid is in Haiti — I need y’all to verify this information. It would... Read More