Nicki Minaj “I Am the female Weezy”

Halloween comes a whole week early for Nicki Minaj this year! Our favorite Barbie channeled her inner Weezy during the filming of the Gil Green-directed video for “Y.U. Mad” featuring her Young Money bosses, Birdman and Lil Wayne. the song. The track is set to be the first single from Birdman’s upcoming album Bigga Than Life, due November 21. The “female Weezy” dressed up as Lil Wayne by sporting long blonde dreads, a wifebeater,... Read More

Mack Maine's Response To The Dark Skin Women Rumor

YM said they wanna f**k every girl in the world… Mack say he a even exchange V-Cards with the Retards so.. I Believe em’.. Niggas aint gone pass up no pus*y no matter the skin tone  Read More

Lil Wayne racist towards Black women

We wrote it off as just a lyric when Lil Wayne said “Beautiful black woman, I bet that b*tch look better red” in his new song “Right Above.” But could the father of this beautiful brown-skinned girl really be color struck? According to one of our readers, the answer is a hardy yes. Destiny, who describes herself as dark-skinned, says that derogatory statements made during a recent encounter with Wayne and his Young Money lackeys left... Read More

Drake Gives Fan $2,000 Watch

Drake gave an early Christmas gift to a lucky fan last week, when the Young Money rapper handed them a $2,000 watch. Drizzy was performing at San Francisco’s Wild 94.9 ‘Wild Jam’ when he decided to bless someone in the audience with a diamond encrusted G-Shock watch. “This young lady right here had this nice sign saying, Will You Marry Me,” said Drake. “I can’t marry you but I got a Christmas gift for you okay?…That’s... Read More

Picture of Lil Wayne Fresh out of Jail sitting Courtside at Hornets vs Heat Game

Seem that Mr. Carter had to enjoy himself wit some front role tickets to the Hornets VS  Heat game wit Bird Man and Young Money’s Presidents Mack Maine and Cortez Bryant  Read More

[VIDEO] Lil Scrappy's girl Diamond Gets Car Repo'd At Young Money Video Shoot!

[youtube=]  Read More

Lil Wayne’s Eighth & Final Letter From Rikers Island, "Letter #08: My Last Written Lines"

Hello world. Time is ticking and I’m counting every second. Because of my new limitations, this unfortunately has to be my last letter. I don’t think people truly understand how much their thoughts and well wishes have helped me through this time in my life. Not everyone is as lucky as I am and it humbles me daily. You would be amazed what positivity can do in a negative environment. I’m going to miss reading about your lives. I’m going... Read More

"Lil Wayne's Mugshot/Locater Card from Rikers Island!"

So the Young Money Star is Catholic?…Ummmmm “You’re Either Wit It Or Not”  Read More


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Nicki Minaj Performing in ATL (close up of her booty)

[youtube=] “You’re Either Wit It Or Not”  Read More

Nicki Minaj Has a Crush on the Beautiful South African Queen Charlize Theron

Nicki Minaj is in love with a Monster. One of Hollywood’s leading ladies has captured the Young Money femcee’s heart. Minaj revealed that she has a girl crush on Charlize Theron. “She’s a bad b**ch,” the Harajuku Barbie told PEOPLE of the South African actress, who won an Oscar for her role in the 2003 film Monster. “I think she’s really, really perky.” Theron is not the only one in Hollywood Minaj has expressed her fondness for.... Read More


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New Drake ft Bun B [Whats Up]

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Wiz khalifa say"no, no, noooooo" to Drakes Tour

while @realWizKhalifa is most known for passing the blunt, he just apparently passed on Drake’s Light Dreams and Nightmares tour. Last night while on UStream Drake extended a spot for Atlantic records newest recruit. However, the Pittsburgh grown rapper graciously declined. Telling XXL: “Just the fact of cuz even extending his hand and me being on his radar is tight, to me,” he said. “It just lets me know that I’m doin’ what I need to... Read More

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