Pharrell’s Lawyer Set to Sue YouTube For $1Billion

  There are songs, and then there are dances. Here’s a song-and-dance routine that, according to one of the lawyers involved, could amount to a billion-dollar lawsuit against YouTube. Through a new outfit called Global Music Rights, music industry heavyweight Irving Azoff manages the performance rights of some 20,000 songs including works composed by the Eagles, Pharrell Williams, John Lennon and others. Many of the songs were previously... Read More

YouTube Drops Billions of Major Labels ‘Fake’ Video Views

YouTube has cracked down on three major record companies, retracting more than 2 billion ‘falsified’ views on their YouTube channels. Three of the major recording labels – Universal Music Group, Sony/BMG and RCA Records – have been penalized after a major crackdown on fake views via YouTube. According to The Daily Mail (UK), the popular Internet video provider has stripped the three music groups of more than 2 billion falsified... Read More

Kelly Clarkson is hating on Adele “I want to punch Adele in the face! She is just too good”

When The Guardian caught up with Kelly Clarkson, the American Idolsinger left no stone unturned in a tell-all interview about the road that led to breakup anthems, idolizing other female musicians, and preparing for her new album. Before she landed a golden ticket on Idol, Kelly was struggling to make ends meet. “My goal was just to be a backup singer — I never intended to be in front. But then my apartment in L.A. burned down and I had... Read More

[GET WIT IT ALLSTARS] Get Wit It Mag introduces Actress Dailyn Santana

Fresh young comedian actress, Dailyn Santana is a little more than just your average. Born and raised in Elizabeth, NJ , Dailyn is a warm spirited overall happy individual. With the passion for acting, she dedicated most all of her time into the business and found herself excessively overworked. She soon found balance with her career as well as her family with their support. Soon after, Dailyn was in a film called “Payin the Price”,... Read More

Rihanna’s ‘S&M’ Video Deemed “Inappropriate”

It seems that there is some justice left in the world after all as Rihanna’s new video for ‘S&M’ has been partially banned. The visual was deemed “inappropriate” on YouTube and marked as “unsuitable” for viewers under the age of 18 years. The real question that arises from this situation is if major television networks will give this video heavy airplay. Although Rihanna claims that the video has been approved by MTV, Ciara’s... Read More

Take a toke of [WHITE HAZE]

“Daddy, I want to become a rapper.” This may be a comment actor, Tom Hanks may have heard from his 20-year-old son, Chet Haze, after releasing a few of his own personal rhymes on You Tube. The Northwestern University student released “White and Purple”, a song the 20-year-old student created as a spirit song for Northwestern University where he raps about his frat house, blunts and hoes. Chet, who is also an actor, has starred in bit... Read More

From Riches to Rags-Ted Williams Story

Ted Williams, a homeless man who is the subject of viral video that has captivated the internet at large, has been offered a full-time job and a mortgage on a home by Quicken Loans Arena and the Cleveland Cavaliers. A woman named Tracy, representing Quicken Loans and the Cavaliers, called WNCI 97.9 on Wednesday morning and made the offer. CNBC’s Darren Rovell confirmed the authenticity of the offer on Twitter. Williams was inundated with... Read More

Jay Electronica addressing the Illuminati and his role.

#thatakwardmomentwhen some sister on the street was telling me how I’m in the illuminati sounding dumber than a motherf**ker. BEWARE!!!! ME AND THE ILLUMINATI GONNA GET YOU IN YOUR SLEEP! MWUHUUHAAHAHHAHAAA!!!!! BEWARE!! ME AND MY ILLUMINATI FRIENDS WORK FOR THE DEVIL WHO LIVES UNDER THE GROUND AND BURNS YOU WHEN YOU DIE!!! MWUHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! Me and Taylor Swift are in the Illuminati. We just had a gathering... Read More

Jay-Z: How I went from rags to riches

Jay-Z glosses over his 1999 stabbing of record producer Lance Rivera, which resulted in the rapper pleading guilty to assault and receiving three years probation. He says he was infuriated because someone had leaked a bootleg copy of “Vol. 3 . . . Life and Times of S. Carter” more than a month before the release date of the album. When he asked who was behind the leak, everyone kept repeating the same name: Rivera. When Jay-Z saw him at rapper... Read More

Akon Announces The Signing Of What He Calls "The Male Lady Gaga,this will change the music industry

[youtube=] [youtube=]  Read More

Paranormal Activity 2 Movie Review

According to Washington Post Paramount didn’t screen “Paranormal Activity 2” for critics in northeast Ohio until Thursday night, so I decided to just wait until it opened the next day and catch a local screening. I thought the first one was clever and well-made, relying on the power of suggestion rather than rampant gore for its scares. The obvious comparison was to “The Blair Witch Project” a decade before, and both movies benefited... Read More

Rapper Ronald 'Ra Diggs' Herron who bragged about violence on Twitter, YouTube is drug kingpin: feds

In his mind, he’s a rapper named Ra Diggs. Ra Diggs is a bonafide thug. He has the tweets and YouTube videos to prove it. And now the feds are using those same things to prove that Ra Diggs’ fictional life is Ronald’s reality. A rapper who boasted on Twitter about beating a destroy rap is a violent drug kingpin who flooded Brooklyn’s Gowanus Houses with crack and heroin, the feds said Wednesday. Ronald (Ra Diggs) Herron, charged with... Read More

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Double rainbow at Burning Man: 'What does it mean?

The video has spawned endless parodies and heartfelt and humorous renditions of it were already a favorite way to get a laugh here in the days before the gate opened, when most of those on site were builders and others involved in preparing for Burning Man‘s official start on Monday. So it was perfectly inevitable that when the rain came, and a beautiful double rainbow appeared on the southern side of the desert floor, with the stunning... Read More

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