What's going on!? DMX Moved To Mental-Health Unit At Arizona State Prison Complex

Rapper Earl Simmons, better known as DMX, is housed in a mental-health unit at an Arizona State Prison Complex facility called Alhambra near 25th street and Van Buren.

DMX was sentenced to a year in jail (minus 113 days served) on December 16, after he pleaded guilty to violating the terms of his probation. At his sentencing, Judge Christine Mulleneaux told him she believes he has “an undiagnosed mental condition,” possibly bi-polar disorder.

DMX’s manager, Nakia Walker, wouldn’t comment specifically on whether DMX might have a mental disorder, but she says she wasn’t surprised when he was moved to a mental-health unit. The rapper himself always has refused to comment on speculation about his mental state. In 2001, he threatened to beat up writer William Shaw for asking about it in a Blender magazine interview. “Waaaay too personal,” DMX said.

The embattled hip-hop star is incarcerated for the 13th time. His record includes more than 25 arrests across the nation, 11 felony convictions, and 15 misdemeanor convictions.

Arizona Department of Corrections files confirm that DMX was admitted to the Flamenco Mental Health Unit at Alhambra on December 20. According to Walker, he will not be allowed to have visitors for 30 days.

4 Responses to “What's going on!? DMX Moved To Mental-Health Unit At Arizona State Prison Complex”
  1. Aretha214 says:

    Just dropping in to see whats going on wit my Best “Reality” Poet/Rapper ……Earl want you to know you are always in my thoughts and prayers….hold on God has not forgotten about you He has a work for you…keep praying and the prayers of your Grandmother and others including myself with avail…..1EternalLove….A friend…. Remember there is NO problem or issue to big for Christ. Love a Friend & Family

  2. john says:

    hey dmx, look up the strawman argument on you tube. it should keep the devil from putting you back into prison

  3. Tinker bell says:

    I’m truly praying for you. God has everything you need to pull though all your problems. I heard the song you wrote ” I Miss You”. Make your Grandmother proud and let the strong intelligent DMX make a come back for all of your fans and family that love you.

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