Why Is Hip Hop Promoting Molly?


We’re sure by now that you’ve all heard about the Molly drug craze, which seems to be taking over pop culture.

Artist like Madonna, Kanye West, and new comer Trinidad James, have seemed to all incorporate the drug into their performances and music.

However, we’re also aware that there are several people who are confused about what the drug is, or whether it’s actually a drug for that matter.

We want you to be clear about what the drug is so, that our young readers can stay clear of the drug, and our older readers, can become aware about the drug, and prevent their children from endangering themselves.

What is Molly?

Molly MDMA formerly known as the drug ecstasy is supposed to be a pure form of the drug. It’s classified as being a psychedelic drug which causes its users to feel a form of euphoria. The side affects of the drug may include anxiety, depression, and in some cases increased heart rate, leading to a possible overdose. While, it’s referred to as ecstasy many pharmacist believe that cheaper versions of the drug, containing harsher chemicals, could possibly be in Molly sold on the streets.

Why is Hip Hop Promoting Molly?

Now, what we can’t understand is why so many artist particularly hip hop artist, have joined the Molly train.

In a recent interview by Wiz Khalifa, he admitted that he was one opposed to the drug, but decided to promote the drug (we’re guessing in his music), because it made sine economically.

We believe in artist expression; especially with a culture as profound as hip hop, which was created to give a voice to those without one.

We simply cannot understand why so many of these artist have decided to lend there talents to recklessly promote a drug that has the potential to hurt our young people.

Crack was also a drug, however hip hop artist didn’t promote using crack during the mid to late 1980’s, so why is promoting the use of Molly different?

Are artist being endorsed by the producers of Mollly?

These are a few of the questions we would like ask the artist who choose to promote Molly.

In the following video clip, MTV RapFix Live host Sway Calloway sits down with Trinidad James, who rapped the line “Popped the Molly I’m Sweatin,” in his song “All Gold Everything.”

In the clip, Trinidad James seems to take using Molly lightly, next are clips of various hip hop artist making reference to the drug Molly in their songs.

We encourage our young people to stay clear of the drug Molly, and be leader not a follower!

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