10 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

With a left hook, and a right jab, lemon water has done it, it has defeated vitamin C winning the championship title of strength itemizing fruit. Lemon water is easy to make, and brings an amazing drink profile that is sure to quench your thirst while helping to keep your body healthy. The fight between lemon water and vitamin C is one that is easily won, no matter the amount of vitamin C lemon water naturally has it in. With this list of uses for lemon water, it is easy to see why Vitamin C would not stand a chance against it alone.

1. Drinking Lemon Water Can Keep The Immune System Healthy

When thinking of our bodies immune system, one thing remains the same. Vitamin C is something that we need to make sure we have enough of, in order to keep our immune system functioning properly. Without adequate vitamin C, our bodies can start to break down, and we can become ill. Drinking lemon water is important because vitamin C is something is it filled with, giving the body all the vitamin C it needs to remain active and healthy.

2. Drinking Lemon Water Can Provide The Body With Adequate Potassium.

With lemon water being packed full of vitamin C, it is hard to believe that the sour, yet sweet tasting water is packed with a whole lot more than that. Research shows that potassium is essential to keeping our bodies healthy, low potassium can cause our bodies to become weak, we can pass out, we can develop other serious medical conditions that would be prevented with adequate amounts of potassium. We are all aware that bananas are packed with potassium,, but few know that lemon water has an equal amount of potassium as one whole banana, making it a great way to take in the much needed vitamin.

3. Drinking Lemon Water Can Keep Your Skin From Blemishes

Research shows that over forty percent of the adolescent and young adult population suffers from some form of acne or skin blemish. Retail stores sell products that promise to remove blemishes and acne from the skin with continual use, which can not only break the bank, but it can frustrate the user when results are not seen. Research shows that in order to remove blemishes and acne from your face, it is better to use all-natural products such as lemon water. Research shows that drinking lemon water can actually help to prevent new blemishes and wrinkles from forming once they are removed from the skin’s surface. In drinking the lemon water it is supposed to help keep the skin hydrated which in time will help to remove wrinkles and blemishes.

4. Drinking Lemon Water Helps To Reduce Inflammation

Research has shown that inflammation within the body is produced when the level of acidity in the body reaches a level that is typically not normal. Drinking lemon water is said to help lower the acidity rate within the body, which in turn helps to lower the amount of inflammation found within the body, which can be attributed to arthritis, an injury, and even Gastrointestinal diseases and come cancers.

5. Drinking Lemon Water Can Help You Stay Energized

When living a busy life, the common side effect is lack of energy, as well as anxiety, and irritability. Now while there are products out there that are supposed to guarantee the buyer that they will be energized after conception of the product, the bottom line is that they don’t work. Research shows that drinking lemon water keeps the body hydrated, which is needed in order to produce energy. The lemon water is supposed to have a calming effect on the central nervous system which is then turned into energy.

6. Drinking Lemon Water Can Help Cut Caffeine Out Of Your Diet

A good portion of the United States population drinks some form of caffeine on a daily basis, regardless if it is soda pop, coffee, or even espresso beans. Caffeine is the one thing a good portion of the population says they simply cannot live without. For those who are trying to stop taking in so much caffeine or quit drinking caffeinated beverages all together, the best option is to drink lemon water. This is because it keeps the body healthy, it refreshes the body, and restores the body to its normal state, while putting your nerves at ease, which will help prevent cravings for caffeine.

7. Drinking Lemon Water Helps The Body Fight Viral Infections

Let’s face it, we have all dealt with some form of viral infection before and told by the doctor that there is nothing that can be done, it just simply needs to run its course. Well, that is no longer true since research has shown that drinking lemon water can actually help fight those pesky viral infections, including sore throats, while boosting the immune system in the process.

8. Drinking Lemon Water Can Help Relieve Constipation

Constipation is one of those symptoms that no one wants to discuss with their doctor, but is something that can cause great discomfort if it is left untreated. Research shows that drinking lemon water can act as an instant constipation relief, while helping to keep the bowels moving in the right motion. In sense lemon water aids the colon in the production of mucus, hydrates within the colon, which helps to prevent constipation from occurring.

9. Drinking Lemon Water Can Help To Improve Oral Care

Research shows that not enough people are receive adequate oral care, leaving then with oral health related problems later on. Research shows that drinking lemon water can actually help improve the state of your oral health, while helping to kill bad breath, and cleanse the mouth in the process. It is also said that lemon water can help with the production of the salivary glands that kills off bacteria that creates bad breath and other harmful oral bacteria including the pesky white stuff on the tongue which can create bad breath as well.

10. Drinking Lemon Water Cleans The Urinary Tract

One thing that women deal with constantly is urinary tract infections, now while they can occur within men, they typically occur within women more than men. Drinking lemon water can help prevent urine infections while cleaning the body of bacteria that creates urinary tract infections. Mixing honey with the lemon water can help prevent urine infections from coming back.